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How many sessions will I need?

There are no hard and fast rules about how many sessions to have. It will depend upon what is bringing you to counselling. The minimum is usually 6 sessions for short term work. However, more time would be needed to explore deeper and more complex issues. Regular reviews assess how counselling is working for you. These matters can be discussed at the initial meeting.

Why should I have private counselling rather than NHS counselling?

Private counselling can be tailored to your individual needs, lasting as long as you need and you can make an appointment without having to wait. You can choose a therapist you feel comfortable with. You refer yourself for counselling rather than having to be referred by your GP.

Is it a sign of weakness to ask for counselling help?

Asking for help can sometimes be perceived as admitting to weakness. However it takes courage to admit that you could benefit from help. I believe it is a sign of strength rather than weakness to want to engage in counselling work to empower yourself and face up to the problems you are encountering.

Will it be confidential?

Yes. Information you share with me would not be talked about to others except to my supervisor when you would remain anonymous. This commitment to confidentiality would only be breached if you were to disclose that you were intending to harm yourself or someone else. If this were necessary I would talk this through with you first.
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